Daniel Ribeiro & Clarisse Ricci


San Diego, USA, From Brazil

Daniel Ribeiro had his first contact with the arts when he was 14, as a musician. After receiving his degree in Music, he started his dance studies in 2009. Daniel started his teaching activities in 2011, at the oGrupo dance group in Barão Geraldo, a university area near the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. With Forró being his main dance since the beginning, Daniel has also studied other Latin partner dances, such as Argentine Tango. Besides that, he has also studied body awareness in Brazil (Klauss Vianna technique).

Clarisse Ricci’s dancing experience began with several years of rhythmic gymnastics, followed by contemporary/Jazz dance when she was a teenager. Clarisse fell in love with Forró in 2013, while residing in Campinas (SP, Brazil), and adopted it as her main dance style since then. In 2016, she started teaching Forró in San Diego (CA, USA). Always striving for higher body awareness and connection between the partners into her dance, Clarisse also studies Argentine Tango.

As teachers, Daniel and Clarisse strive to use rich imagery, precise technical explanations and body mechanics to help their students attain the best results with their bodies. Teaching and performing throughout several cities in Brazil, Latin and North America, they currently teach and reside in San Diego (California, USA), where they aim to improve the North American Forró community as the founding members of the Forró in San Diego group.